Academic record

Appointed Assistant of Prof. Siegfried Palm at the Rhineland Music Academy (Musikhochschule Rheinland) in Köln.

1978 - 89
Appointed Lecturer in Violoncello at the Rhenish Music School and Conservatorium in Köln (Rheinische Musikschule-Konservatorium der Stadt Köln).

1985 - 89
Appointed Lecturer for main subject Violoncello and Chamber Music at the Music Academy in Köln , department Wuppertal (Musikhochschule Koeln). Many of my students have attained excellent positions in the teaching profession, in chamber music groups as well as in symphony orchestras.

1986, 1988, 1994
Appointed Lecturer in Violoncello at the Holiday Courses for New Music in Darmstadt.

1989 - 97
Appointed Lecturer in Violoncello, chambermusic and Head of the String-department at the University of Adelaide, Australia.Conductor of the Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra.

Many of my students have managed to secure excellent positions, amongst others in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the Elizabethan Trust Orchestra, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, as well as positions in the teaching profession. Several students were successful in the national radio competition run by the Australian Broadcasting Commission called "Young Performers' Award", as well as in the competitions known as Eisteddfods.

1994 - 96
Head of strings at the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide.

1989 - 2024
lecturer and guest-professor in national and international masterclasses and mastercourses in Huddersfield, London, Cambridge, Liege, Odessa, Hannover, Dresden, Siegen , Arnsberg, Mannheim, Würzburg, Salzburg, Linz, Sydney, Wellington, Christchurch, Stellenbosch, Edmonton etc.