CDs / LPs - released

J.S. Bach
The Complete Chorals in an Arrangement for String Ensemble (several LP's)

Danziger Barockmusik
Danziger Verlagsgesellschaft D-24147 Klausdorf/Schwentine (No. 66.21727-O1)

Danzinger Hochzeits- und Kammermusik
Danziger Verlagsgesellschaft D-24147 Klausdorf/Schwentine (No. 66.23727-O1-1)

F. Pütz
"Cello Musik" for Violoncello Solo AMP Records, Diepenbeekallee 4 D-50858 Köln (AMP 4785-K)

Ch. Delz
Klavierquartett Grammont CH - 1000 Lausanne 13 (CTS-P 18-1 (LP) and CTS-P 18-2 (CD))

Works for Violoncello solo
by Dallapiaccola, Stockhausen, B.A. Zimmermann, T. Medek, Ed. Michael F. Bauer, Juliusstr. 14, D-60487 Frankfurt a.M. (MFB FG,LP)

Klaus K. Hübler
"Feuerzauber" for Violoncello, 3 Flutes and harp Wergo/Deutsche Grammophon (WER6524-2)

Richard Barrett
"Ne songe plus a fuir" for Violoncello Solo (Etcetera, KTC 1167)

Brian Ferneyhough
"Time and Motion Study No.2" for Violoncello solo and electronics (Etcetera,KTC 1206)

Australian works for Violoncello solo
ABC Classics 465 268-2 (Sydney, Australia) with Thomas Reiner,"Three Sketches" for Violoncello solo (1986), Newton Armstrong, "Two studies in presence" (1993), Felix Werder, "Violoncello solo" !1993)

"Friedrich Gauwerky Cello solo"
ALBCD 013,Albedo-records,Oslo ,Norway,with Y.Höller,"Sonata for Violoncello solo",T.Cary,"Messages",V.Heyn,"Blues in B-flat",K.Saariaho,"Petals" and R.Barrett,"Von Hinter Dem Schmerz",
european distributor: Musikkoperatoerene (e-mail:

Rainer Linz :
"The Rehearsal",NMNCD 0007 ,NMA Publications ,Australia

Richard Barrett:
"Furt" together with Ute Wassermann , voice, Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer, electronics, Matchless Recordings, England, MRCD50

Richard Barrett:
"Von Hinter Dem Schmerz" for Violoncello solo and Ensemble as part of "Opening of the mouth", ABC Classics 465 268-2 (Sydney, Australia)

"From Johann Sebastian Bach to Bernd Alois Zimmermann"
BME Records Germany 4018518032013, with
J.S.Bach ,Suite No.1 G-major BWV 1007,B.A.Zimmermann,Sonata for Cello solo (1960),Y.Diederichs,"Eslo"(1988),B.Spassov,"Oga" (1981),E.-M.Marton,"Solo per Violoncello (1971),P.Hindemith , Sonata for Violoncello solo op. 25/3

"Bernd Alois Zimmermann,Chambermusic"
AlbCD 022,Albedo,Norway
with B.A.Zimmermann, "Vier kurze Studien","Intercommunicazione","Presence" etc.

"brave new world prosodisch"
Klanglogo 701, literary - musical performance by Michael Basse and Volker Heyn for Recitation,E-Guitar, Violoncello and electronic music

"John Cage, Solo for 'Cello"
WERGO, Germany, WER 6693 2 with John Cage, "Solo for 'Cello", "59 1/2 seconds for a string - player", "Atlas Eclipticalis", version for 2 Violoncelli, "Variations I", version for Violoncello solo, "Etudes Boreales I-IV"

Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, "Fluente" for Violoncello solo
+3db records, Bergen, Norway, +3db 007

"John Cage: Etudes Boreales Harmonies 10'40.3" ,WERGO WER 6178 2
with John Cage , "Etudes Boreales for Cello solo and for Piano solo, "10'40.3'' for a stringplayer" etc.

Manfred Trojahn, Kammerkonzert
NEOS 11060

Karlheinz Stockhausen, "In Friendship" for Violoncello, Stockhausen Complete Edition No. 102

Michael Blake, "The philosophy of composition", works for Violoncello and Piano (Wergo, WER 73612)

Martin Herchenr´┐Żder, "Winternachtmusik", works for Violoncello and Piano , NEOS 11815

Wolfgang Rihm, works for and with Violoncello (Wergo, WER 74022)