CDs / LPs - released

J.S. Bach
The Complete Chorals in an Arrangement for String Ensemble (several LP's)

Danziger Barockmusik
Danziger Verlagsgesellschaft D-24147 Klausdorf/Schwentine (No. 66.21727-O1)

Danzinger Hochzeits- und Kammermusik
Danziger Verlagsgesellschaft D-24147 Klausdorf/Schwentine (No. 66.23727-O1-1)

F. Pütz
"Cello Musik" for Violoncello Solo AMP Records, Diepenbeekallee 4 D-50858 Köln (AMP 4785-K)

Ch. Delz
Klavierquartett Grammont CH - 1000 Lausanne 13 (CTS-P 18-1 (LP) and CTS-P 18-2 (CD))

Works for Violoncello solo
by Dallapiaccola, Stockhausen, B.A. Zimmermann, T. Medek, Ed. Michael F. Bauer, Juliusstr. 14, D-60487 Frankfurt a.M. (MFB FG,LP)

Klaus K. Hübler
"Feuerzauber" for Violoncello, 3 Flutes and harp Wergo/Deutsche Grammophon (WER6524-2)

Richard Barrett
"Ne songe plus a fuir" for Violoncello Solo (Etcetera, KTC 1167)

Brian Ferneyhough
"Time and Motion Study No.2" for Violoncello solo and electronics (Etcetera,KTC 1206)

Australian works for Violoncello solo
ABC Classics 465 268-2 (Sydney, Australia) with Thomas Reiner,"Three Sketches" for Violoncello solo (1986), Newton Armstrong, "Two studies in presence" (1993), Felix Werder, "Violoncello solo" !1993)

"Friedrich Gauwerky Cello solo"
ALBCD 013,Albedo-records,Oslo ,Norway,with Y.Höller,"Sonata for Violoncello solo",T.Cary,"Messages",V.Heyn,"Blues in B-flat",K.Saariaho,"Petals" and R.Barrett,"Von Hinter Dem Schmerz",
european distributor: Musikkoperatoerene (e-mail:

Rainer Linz :
"The Rehearsal",NMNCD 0007 ,NMA Publications ,Australia

Richard Barrett:
"Furt" together with Ute Wassermann , voice, Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer, electronics, Matchless Recordings, England, MRCD50

Richard Barrett:
"Von Hinter Dem Schmerz" for Violoncello solo and Ensemble as part of "Opening of the mouth", ABC Classics 465 268-2 (Sydney, Australia)

"From Johann Sebastian Bach to Bernd Alois Zimmermann"
BME Records Germany 4018518032013, with
J.S.Bach ,Suite No.1 G-major BWV 1007,B.A.Zimmermann,Sonata for Cello solo (1960),Y.Diederichs,"Eslo"(1988),B.Spassov,"Oga" (1981),E.-M.Marton,"Solo per Violoncello (1971),P.Hindemith , Sonata for Violoncello solo op. 25/3

"Bernd Alois Zimmermann,Chambermusic"
AlbCD 022,Albedo,Norway
with B.A.Zimmermann, "Vier kurze Studien","Intercommunicazione","Presence" etc.

"brave new world prosodisch"
Klanglogo 701, literary - musical performance by Michael Basse and Volker Heyn for Recitation,E-Guitar, Violoncello and electronic music

"John Cage, Solo for 'Cello"
WERGO, Germany, WER 6693 2 with John Cage, "Solo for 'Cello", "59 1/2 seconds for a string - player", "Atlas Eclipticalis", version for 2 Violoncelli, "Variations I", version for Violoncello solo, "Etudes Boreales I-IV"

Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, "Fluente" for Violoncello solo
+3db records, Bergen, Norway, +3db 007

"John Cage: Etudes Boreales Harmonies 10'40.3" ,WERGO WER 6178 2
with John Cage , "Etudes Boreales for Cello solo and for Piano solo, "10'40.3'' for a stringplayer" etc.

Manfred Trojahn, Kammerkonzert
NEOS 11060

Karlheinz Stockhausen, "In Friendship" for Violoncello, Stockhausen Complete Edition No. 102

Michael Blake, "The philosophy of composition", works for Violoncello and Piano (Wergo, WER 73612)